WIC Emergency Day of Action

WIC Emergency Day of Action 11/2

Calling all Hunger Advocates!

It’s time to raise our voices to protect the highly effective and successful WIC (Women, Infants, Children) program!

Unless immediate action is taken by Congress in November, WIC will experience a funding shortfall early next year—causing many women and children to be waitlisted for the program and/or their benefits cut. Unfortunately, at this time, both the House and Senate have failed to provide enough funding for WIC to protect eligible women and children.

WIC has experienced an 18.3 percent increase in child participation since 2020 and the program is expected to serve as many as 7 million pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and young children in 2024. Currently, there are no existing bills in the House or Senate that will fund WIC at the level it needs to serve all the women and children who apply. As a result, additional funding is needed ASAP to help the women and children who rely on WIC assistance.

With the rising food costs and increased program participation, it is more critical than ever that WIC is fully funded to provide nutrition assistance, formula, and breastfeeding counseling to those when desperately need it.

Take Action Now!

We can’t let this happen! Join us on Thursday, November 2nd for a WIC Emergency Day of Action. You can join the fight against hunger by:

Find Your Elected Officials Here

Here is the message we need to send Congress:

Take immediate action to avoid a WIC emergency. Include a down payment of additional funding for WIC in the next Continuing Resolution in November and fully fund the program to allow more eligible women/children to participate.

Thank you for joining Florida Impact and standing up to protect this important program!

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