New Website for Florida Government Assistance

Website is for recipients of SNAP, TANF and Medicaid

Floridians who get food, cash or health care assistance through the government now need to navigate a new website.

The Florida Department of Children and Families is launching a new “My Access Portal” for assistance with SNAP, TANF and Medicaid programs.

The website is

The agency says the new platform is more modern and user-friendly, works better on mobile devices, streamlines document uploading, and should make getting government assistance faster.

However, Floridians will need to create a new account and link up their current programs, and also use a two-step verification system for security.

DCF says the new system should not affect any of the benefits Floridians are currently enrolled in.

Asheena Moses, outreach and advocacy manager for the nonprofit Florida Impact to End Hunger, said the new website seems to be more convenient for users.

“They’ll let you know, ‘Hey you’re missing a proof of income, address, or proof of identification,’ and then you can just send those documents right there online. It makes things so much easier,” said Moses, who works with people who use these services.

Moses also said the new two-step verification process uses an email address or cellphone to verify who you are.

“This may reduce people getting hacked or being defrauded,” Moses said.

If you have any questions, more information and video tutorials are available through the DCF website.

You can also call the Florida customer call center at 1-850-300-4323.



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