Meet Camila ✨ One of Our 2021 VISTA Summer Associates!

Hello! My name is Camila Ludert and I am a VISTA Summer Associate for 2021.

I was born in Valencia, Venezuela, and moved to this country when I was ten years old. I currently live in the city of Weston, Florida.

I am a fourth-year student at Nova Southeastern University, majoring in Biology and Human Nutrition Science.

I have always loved helping others and giving back to the community, this experience is an opportunity that encompasses both of my passions. I am very excited to be working on this program.

I believe that it will be an unforgettable experience where I will give back to the community the many opportunities it has given me. Being a part of this program will allow me to get exposed to the various challenges and opportunities of growth present in our communities.

This internship program will prepare me to be a holistic, well rounded, and experienced candidate. It will strengthen me to thrive, not only as a health professional, but as a successful individual.


– Camila Ludert

Find some of Jenna and Camila’s work at

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