The hands, hung. The meetings, set. The dining sets, placed. The swag, ordered. The final practice for the performance, finished. Children’s Week had arrived.

What is Children’s Week? “Florida’s Children’s Week is an annual week-long celebration filled with joyful singing voices of young children, the colorful “Hanging of Hands”, and the dedication of thousands of child advocates across Florida.”

It truly is a special time and a very powerful one. Florida Impact to End Hunger joined the thousands of child advocates at the Florida Capitol this past January and the event speaks in numbers. Folks in Florida care about kids and it shows.

Many thanks to the staff who organize and work this event, they do an amazing job every year! You are able to enjoy a free breakfast and lunch, a storybook village with interactive reading booths, partner booths with face painting, photos booths, and free swag; not to mention an awards dinner and reception. This year, Jack Levine was honored as the award recipient who spent his career working towards child prosperity in Florida.

Feeling honored and grateful to be able to work alongside so many Floridians wanting what’s best for children in our state is an understatement.

Florida Impact to End Hunger is working hard to expand the Florida Afterschool Meals Program to Parks and Recreation centers across the state by filing Senate Bill 668 and House Bill 83. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to support our efforts so we can reach more hungry children by signing our letter of support.

Children in Florida need their advocates. Will you join the thousands?


Kelli Greene

Administrative Coordinator

Florida Impact to End Hunger

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