This summer, we have been working hard to reach as many children as possible with the Summer BreakSpot program. We seek out gaps in service to add new sites and support novel delivery models, such as the mobile units, all with a goal of reaching children who previously may not have had access to free, nutritious meals when school is out. However, we often overlook the regular, existing sites which continue to reliably serve meals to their community. These sites demonstrate the everyday success of the program.

In July, I had the privilege of taking staff from Senator Rubio’s office to visit West Kendall Regional Library to see Summer BreakSpot in action. The library team ensured that every child in the building was invited to join for lunch, and had also set up a share table to try to reduce any waste. Every day, families come to the library to help keep their children learning through the summer, and to receive a nutritious meal. This dual benefit makes our libraries the perfect fit for Summer BreakSpot. Sites just like this exist across the state, and often go unrecognized, despite the crucial role they play in improving the health and wellbeing of our children. We greatly appreciate the staff at West Kendall Regional Library for their hospitality, and commitment to serving their community, both through education and nutrition.

– Sam Hopwood

Regional Director of South Florida

Florida Impact to End Hunger

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