2020? Are you serious? This month marks the start of my third year with Florida Impact to End Hunger, and I feel like I’m just getting started. Although my oldest son turns 10 this year and I just celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary, I can’t help but feel like time is just flying by!

As I ponder Florida Impact to End Hunger in 2020 and my role as Chief Operating Officer, I’ve come up with a few “New Year’s Resolutions:”

1. Start at least one new project in North Florida. Approximately 95% of the local work we do as an organization happens in South Florida. Our two regional directors are based there, a number of board members live there, and a good portion of our grantors and funders are located there. However, with our Administrative Coordinator, Kelli, and me up here in Tallahassee, we have started to seek out new funding to support efforts in the Big Bend – where hunger is no stranger to residents. So far, we have submitted two grant applications (and have two more pending) for school-based projects in Leon County. We are eager to get started on this work!

2. Improve online fundraising. With an increased focus on social media and a new communications plan, 2019 saw a spike in online fundraising. Still there is more to be done. Our fearless communications team is on the hunt for new opportunities and strategies to engage donors in both campaign contributions as well as reoccurring giving. Of course, Florida Impact to End Hunger will continue to increase our reach on all social media platforms.

3. Continue to present on state and national webinars and at conferences. Collectively in 2019, the Florida Impact to End Hunger staff has presented on 3 national webinars, at 2 national conferences, at 3 state conferences, and on 10 state or local webinars and/or conference calls in 2019. This kind of platform gets our name out to other organizations and solidifies us as “experts” in the field of anti-hunger advocacy. As we continue to expand our reach and create new and innovative projects, I look forward to more presentation invitations on both the state and national levels.

4. Expand the Healthy Retail Project into two new low-income communities. As one of Florida Impact to End Hunger’s newest projects, the Healthy Retail Project in Miami Gardens continues to gain momentum. With continued national attention on increasing healthy food options in low-income areas, we are confident we will get the support needed to expand this project into at least two new communities. Maybe even in North Florida!

5. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes for a walk, stretch, or workout (OK, this one’s for me). Don’t get me wrong – working from a home office has a number of benefits. However, I tend to miss the days of taking walks with my coworkers and being limited to the food I brought with me to eat each day. Nowadays I tend to do a lot more sitting, and my fridge and pantry are just in the next room! So this year I’m setting a resolution for myself to go outside, do some pushups, take a walk around the yard, just to do SOMETHING other than sit at my desk each day. We have heard plenty about the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle, but I’ve also started to realize that a walk or quick stretch can help me refocus and get back on track.

I look forward to the limitless potential of the year 2020. We’ll keep you posted on our progress! Please drop us line to share a few of yours or your organization’s own New Year’s Resolutions!

Katie Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Florida Impact to End Hunger

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