Recruitment was a crucial element in the Healthy Corner Stores project. Not only did we have to recruit stores to be a part of our project, but we also had to recruit locations to support the distribution of our survey.

Since the survey is targeted toward residents of Miami Gardens, it was best to contact areas easily accessible to the residents, such as grocery stores, libraries, and health centers.

With a target of 5000 respondents, I was eager to contact as many locations as possible and to survey every opportunity I could. The distribution of the survey helped our organization build a lot of relationships with local institutions in Miami Gardens. It was great seeing how many locations were supportive of our current project and were also willing to help us in later projects. Furthermore, being able to survey at locations with a high traffic of Miami Garden residents also helped to spread awareness about the Healthy Corner Stores project and other Live Healthy Miami Gardens efforts. Many people were not aware of the projects that were going on in the city, so I am happy that I was able to share the news with them.

I have been spending my time surveying at the local Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, Betty T. Ferguson Recreation Center, and two chain grocery stores. Our survey responses have been increasing and have been matched with support from the general public. The residents and institutions of Miami Gardens are greatly anticipating the future of healthy corner stores throughout the city after learning more about the project and taking the survey.

– Shirbrina Jefferson

Florida Impact to End Hunger Intern

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